We love working with our students and their families to help them achieve extreme success. While the time we spend with a student might be a few months or a few years, we often hear what they learn from us better prepares them in future endeavors; our work has a long-term positive effect on them. We are thrilled to work with students to achieve their goals now and many years in the future. Here are just a few comments from students and their parents:

Stephanie has guided my daughter with sensitivity, understanding, and kindness to excel in taking the ACT exam while doing this completely remotely. I am grateful to Stephanie who pivoted when COVID-19 happened, to turn Extreme Success, her ACT/SAT Tutoring Program, completely virtual. My daughter has gained knowledge and confidence which has helped her become extremely skillful in taking the ACT test, thanks to Stephanie’s inspiring teaching on a Zoom platform.

They say the best companies surround themselves with the right people. Stephanie and her team at Extreme Success work hard to help each student shine. I highly recommend using Extreme Success for virtual ACT/SAT tutoring.

Class of 2022, Freedom High School

“Once again, thanks for your investment in our students’ future. They are truly on the path to ‘Extreme Success.'”

Principal, Gaithersburg Middle School

“We are very proud of our son’s accomplishment. Thanks for all your help along the way! Our son earned a 700 SAT Math Level 2 and 720 on SAT 2 US History.”

Class of 2012, Wootton High School

“In a field with many competitors, Extreme Success is really exceptional and unique. The personalized focus on my daughter’s needs and performance was critical to her score improvement, ultimately helping her to earn a 34 on the ACT. Stephanie and her team offer a seamless blend of professionalism, skill and approachability to teens. My daughter never felt like it was a burden to attend a tutoring session — instead, she always came out feeling positive and energized. I have recommended Extreme Success to many parents, and will be requesting test prep services again for my younger child.”

Class of 2012, Quince Orchard High School

“Our daughter said she learned more with you in one hour than she learned in school so far this year.”

Class of 2014, Quince Orchard High School

“I cannot even begin to tell you how invaluable you have been in helping our daughter and honestly, helping us as a family. Our daughter has been anxious and extremely reluctant to even talk about college. We had considered, between ourselves, that she would be staying home and not leaving for college after her senior year. You have given her encouragement and vigor to actually look at schools, talk about a major, and even ask for where we are financially so she can better make decisions. She has been calmer and more focused. Thank you so much for all of your support and love you have given her. Now, if you could get her to drive, THAT would be truly amazing.”

Class of 2021, Damascus High School

“We cannot THANK YOU enough for all of your help with our son and for your detailed e-mail and Google doc sheet! It is making such a difference for him during this challenging time! Thank you thank you!”

Class of 2030, Snowden Farm Elementary School

“We cannot put into words the gratitude we feel for your support and help. He trusted you and your help went well beyond math, writing and the ACT. You were more than tutors. You were mentors, counselors, therapists and friends. Not just for him, but for us. Even in his darkest moments, and there were plenty of them, he could return from a “tutoring” session as a new person. Thank you.”

Class of 2019, Quince Orchard High School

“Thank you for everything you did to help our daughter. We are beyond thrilled that she’ll be going to Georgetown. I know in my heart that is the perfect place for her!”

Class of 2020, Poolesville High School Magnet Program

“I wanted to let you know that I got into college Early Decision! I am going to Washington and Lee University next year and I am so excited. I could never thank you enough for all the help you have gave me. You are seriously the best! Miss you and thank you again!!”

Class of 2020, Georgetown Visitation

“In case you or our daughter’s AP Gov tutor would like to know, she scored a five on her test!!  We are so happy for her and she is very happy, too. The extra prep and review was so helpful, especially since her AP Gov class had just started 2nd semester, 6 weeks before going virtual.”

Class of 2022, Urbana High School

“We just got our son’s SAT final scores in and are you ready for this? He got a 1440! We are thrilled and I cannot thank you both enough for your help, input, and for pushing him to achieve what I knew he could do! Let me know if you ever need me to speak to a client to tell them what a difference hiring your company/staff can make.”

Class of 2019, Northwest High School

“We’ve been using Extreme Success to get my son ready for the ACT. I can’t say enough about her skill, knowledge, professionalism, and ability to connect with my son and with me. They have gone above and beyond to get him ready and help us understand the whole process.”

Class of 2020, Quince Orchard High School

“Choosing Extreme Success for tutoring services was one of the best decisions I could have made. Stephanie and her team are really great at isolating your weak testing areas and strengthening them. My experiences with them both were extremely positive and helped me achieve my goal.”

Class of 2012, Quince Orchard High School

“Our son is doing very well. He made it through pledging for his fraternity and he currently has all A’s and one B. He attributes his success to Extreme Success. He says you guys taught him more than he learned in four years and taught him how to study. He is still using everything you taught him. He speaks of y’all often. It was the best investment we could have ever made for him.”

Class of 2019, Good Counsel

“Our son is doing very well. He made it through pledging for his fraternity and he currently has all A’s and one B. He attributes his success to Extreme Success. He says you guys taught him more than he learned in four years and taught him how to study. He is still using everything you taught him. He speaks of y’all often. It was the best investment we could have ever made for him.”

Class of 2019, Good Counsel

“Thanks for all of your help! I really appreciate it. Your professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched.”

Class of 2022, Poolesville High School Magnet Program

“I can’t thank you both enough for the energy, instruction and expertise that you brought to our students during the past two Saturdays (especially today in the rain/snow/sleet). On behalf of the students, staff and parents of GMS, we thank you for your commitment to student success. I hope this is the beginning of a long professional relationship.”

Assistant Principal, Gaithersburg Middle School

“You care about your students and tutors, and go above and beyond to make everyone you meet feel special. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be your student, intern, and friend. You are my role model and I am constantly in awe of all that you accomplish with such grace and mastery. You helped me survive my last two years of high school, and I owe a large part of my college acceptance and imminent graduation to your dedication and support. Thank you for all that you do! You are incredible teacher in every respect, who will one day run the best school on the planet! I look forward to continue working with and learning from you!”

Class of 2020, Clarksburg High School

“Our daughter is doing awesome!! She told you she brought her ACT score up to a 28, right?! We are so proud of her determination. She was not giving up until she got that score! Thanks for all of your help and encouragement along the way!! She has completed all of her college apps and received her first acceptance letter to University of Arizona. Exciting!”

Class of 2020, Quince Orchard High School

“Such a great success for so many students, including our son. He said the biggest fear was the test itself. Being able to overcome that with your tutors has been so helpful to him.”

Class of 2020, Quince Orchard High School

“Thanks for your patience and understanding with our daughter this morning! Sometimes she just has moments of anxiety, that when handled well can pass quickly. And it was clear that she was glad she stayed, your approach with her is very much appreciated. Thanks for doing what you do.”

Class of 2021, Riverside High School

“You are THE BEST. Thank you for everything you do and for your genuine interest in seeing our son succeed!”

Class of 2021, Quince Orchard High School

“I wanted to let you know the great news! Our son has gotten accepted to Towson, Salisbury and Frostburg with a scholarship! We are all very excited and proud of him! I wanted to thank you again for all of your support and help with his SAT. You have helped so much in building his confidence and preparing him for this big next step.”

Class of 2019, Wheaton High School

“Our daughter was super excited and proud of herself. I’m proud of her and glad to see the reward of a lot of hard work! Thank you for everything you’ve done to get her to this point. We are so grateful for Extreme Success!”

Class of 2020, Thomas Edison School of Nursing

“So looks like we are done with ACT! 28! We are really proud of our son. He worked really hard and thankfully it paid off. Thank you again for all you did to teach and support him! And, in fact, all of my kids!!!”

Classes of 2017, 2019, 2020, Northwest High School

“We just wanted you to know that you were the first people our son called about Towson. Seriously. He hadn’t even called any grandparents. We can’t put into words how important your support has been. Academically and emotionally. It wasn’t that he got into Towson. It’s that he got into college. As he sobbed on my wife’s shoulder, he kept saying “I’m going to college.” He truly didn’t believe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It takes a village to raise our kids. You two are central to his village and ours. We will be forever grateful that you both were there for him when he truly needed a lifeline. Words can never express our gratitude.”

Class of 2019, Quince Orchard High School

“Thanks so much for all the work that you did with our daughter. I believe you had a positive impact on her confidence and self-esteem.   I am sure that will prove beneficial to her through her scholastic future and beyond.”

Class of 2021, Damascus High School

“Both our kids took tutoring with Extreme Success in private tutoring lessons and group SAT lessons. Their scores improved significantly from before lessons to afterward. I always said that I never understood how Stephanie related so well with the students and figured out a way for the kids to “get it” when the teacher’s explanations somehow didn’t work for the kids. She connects so well with kids that I can’t imagine that this program wouldn’t also be successful with them. Plus…somehow your kid ALWAYS listens better to an outsider about getting all this college stuff done on a timely basis than his/her parents. To me, that alone is worth some money!!”

Class of 2009, 2012, Quince Orchard High School

“Thank you for last week’s session, when our daughter was kind of a mess. She was near tears before you all started and somehow came up smiling, after an hour of Algebra 2!!  That’s because of you. I hope you know how invaluable you are right now during COVID-19 quarantine.”

Class of 2022, Stone Ridge

“Our daughter is going to Swarthmore! She is so excited! She was recruited for basketball and will be playing for them..and applied Early Decision and received her acceptance in mid-December. We can’t quite believe it!!  Thank you for ALL of your support!!  We couldn’t have done it without Extreme Success.”

Class of 2020, Bishop O’Connell High School

“We are really appreciative of all you’ve done with our son and daughter thus far!”

Class of 2020, 2022, Quince Orchard High School